New New York ferry service (UITP)

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In line with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policy goals of providing support to growing neighbourhoods and access to opportunities, a new ferry service was launched this week, NYC Ferry. The service currently offers two routes – servicing Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens – and two further routes are due to be opened later this year.

The Mayor presented the ferry service as a solution to increasing traffic congestion in the city, taking advantage of the underutilised waterways. The service will cost the city $325m (approx. €300m), and will see 20 vessels – each able to carry 157 passengers – in operation by 2018.

On board, passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi, charging stations and refreshments. One-way fares are capped at the price of a subway ticket, $2.75 (approx. €2.50), and monthly passes are available.

Written by Long Branch Mike