As anyone looking to properly understand London’s transport needs and network knows, context, background and best-practice are important. As readers might imagine, behind the scenes here at LR Towers we thus spend a lot of time sharing links and reading around the subjects we cover here.

We also occasionally share links containing good information about transport topics that we know we just don’t have time to cover. We also all, as authors, occasionally write elsewhere on this or tangentially related subjects.

If you’ve have something you feel we should read or include in a future list, don’t forget to email us at [email protected]

Oyster Out of Station Interchange (OSI) updates – Oyster-Rail

Washington DC Metro cars as homes for the homeless – City Lab

Peak hour transit incentive in San Francisco – City Lab

Why some cities are decriminalising fare evasion – Streetsblog

Columbus may offer free transit in lieu of building parking garages – Streetsblog

New York Public Library’s new book train – New York Times

Music for airports, with ambient chatter – Listen To The Cloud

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There are 5 comments on this article
  1. Josh says:

    Music for airports is wonderful!

  2. quinlet says:

    The Columbus story is interesting , not least because they don’t seem to have thought of increasing the price of parking to pay for the free transit passes, thus having both a carrot and a stick.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Listen to the Clouds – marvelous, I’ll park the laptop on this instead of Spotify.

  4. Southern Heights (Light Railway) says:

    @quinlet: The best to stop traffic is to demolish the roads…

  5. Fandroid says:

    Pleased to see Warren St to Euston Sq is now an OSI. However, it’s a bit late. To have had it during the blockade of Paddington’s Bakerloo stn would have actually been useful!

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