As anyone looking to properly understand London’s transport needs and network knows, context, background and best-practice are important. As readers might imagine, behind the scenes here at LR Towers we thus spend a lot of time sharing links and reading around the subjects we cover here.

We also occasionally share links containing good information about transport topics that we know we just don’t have time to cover. We also all, as authors, occasionally write elsewhere on this or tangentially related subjects.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve actually travelled on the ‘low-price, eco-friendly, crowd-funded vintage train’, Locomore, already. It really is one of the best trains I’ve ever travelled on, it’s cheap (€13 for the three-hour journey Kassel to Berlin), it has free Wifi (revolution in Germany), it runs on high-speed lines, the staff is much nicer than on ICE trains, the food is quite funny, you can open the window and you have compartments. I love it.

  2. Greg Tingey says:

    How long (excepting Chiltern’s very effective competition in the Brum-London market, before we get a “Locomore” here?


    The article on cycling’s “culture” is deeply depressing & very unsurprising, I’m afraid.
    The phrase: “Lycra Lout” seems to fit, all too well, with the macho attitudes.

  3. Long Branch Mike says:

    I like Jarrett Walker’s take on transit ferry principles. He’s a professional transit planner, and he’s distilled and transposed transit principles to water services. Like anything in transit, London’s River Buses are a bit of a hybrid case, with a cross-river shuttle (RB4 Rotherhithe – Canary Wharf), with the remaining routes along river, focusing on different markets (commuters, tourists, and both).

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