LR Magazine Issue 3: Peace On Our Line?


With print copies now inbound to LR Towers (we’ll send them straight out to subscribers as soon as they appear), London Reconnections Magazine Issue 3: Peace On Our Line? is now available to purchase in our online store.


Firstly, our apologies for the gap between this issue and the last one. This was, to a large part, due to a decision to do something that we have never done before – cover the London mayoral elections.

As with all our content, we decided if we were going to do this then we needed to do so in a way that added genuine value. The outcome was a decision to speak to all of the key candidates, at length, about transport. Our goal, we told them, was not to get a list of policies or conduct a simple interview, but to simply hold a candid, hour-long face-to-face conversation and see where it went – whether that meant talking one topic or ten.

Navigating the constraints of time, topic and political embargo this produced has been interesting – and indeed is not quite over – but we’re happy with the results so far. The first two of those interviews, with Caroline Pidgeon and Sian Berry make up this issue’s timed exclusives. We hope you like them.


In addition to these exclusives, our cover feature this issue is our recent coverage of the TfL devolution announcement, whilst Pedantic’s excellent look at the politics and practicality of Bakerloo line expansion also appears.


Rounding out the issue are two of our most requested pieces to appear in print. Firstly, Pedantic’s detailed look at the history of St Johns station (the second part of which will feature next issue).


And finally, our look at Marc Brunel’s overlooked eighth wonder of the world – the Thames Tunnel.


As before, you can purchase your copy of the latest issue in the LR Shop as either a digital download or physical issue. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. Rest assured that Issue 4 will be with you sooner than you think, as we’ll be running it closer to this issue than previously planned to keep us on our six-issues-a-year schedule.

A last note – as a result of a custom order, we now have some Issue Ones back in stock. We also have a (decreasing) number of Issue Twos left. So if you are a completionist who has yet to purchase a subscription, then now is likely a good time to do so – simply select the option that allows you to start from Issue One and we’ll send you the full set.

John Bull
March, 2016

Written by John Bull
John Bull is the Editor of London Reconnections. A transport journalist and historian, his writing often focuses on the political or strategic challenges facing London's transport network and beyond.