LR Issue Two Now Available


With print copies now starting to land on subscriber doormats it is time to announce that London Reconnections Magazine Issue 2: Angels and Errors is now available to purchase in our online store.


As with Issue 1, it represents a combination of new articles (which will run online at a later date) and best of the web, which this issue includes the cover piece – a look at the 1952 Harrow & Wealdstone rail disaster.


Visually, we have been able to liberate a number of photos from the archives of several newspapers, which we feel really highlight the scale of the disaster both in physical and human terms. We were able to do this thanks to those of you who purchased our first issue, and for that you have our thanks.

Meanwhile, in The DNA of a London Underground Station we continue to look at design on the Underground and where it’s going next. For this, Nicole Badstuber spoke to some of the key figures behind TfL’s new Design Idiom.


Delving into history, author and LR contributor Antony Badsey-Ellis has taken a long look at one of the little-known pieces of London’s freight history in The Forgotten Freight Dreams of Alfred Gattie.


Alongside this, in It’s Arsenal Round Here I explore the close relationship between Gillespie Road station and Arsenal FC. This would ultimately lead to the station’s renaming in 1932 thanks to the forward-thinking Herbert Chapman – football’s equivalent of Frank Pick.


Rounding out our best of the web content are The Warehouse (our look at Crossrail’s subterranean store in deepest Cheshire) and a newly updated version of Bike to the Future: Part 2 by Pedantic of Purley.


Finally, we have an incredible eyewitness account of the Hither Green rail crash. We are proud to print it in the magazine and aid the author’s wish of ensuring his own experiences that night are preserved. Hither Green itself is a topic to which we will return later this month online.


As before, you can purchase your copy of the latest issue in the LR Shop as either a digital download or physical issue.

A last note – we still have a limited number of Issue ones left, and so we’ve added an extra option to the print subscription page which allows you still to start from the first issue should you so wish. One for the completionists who have yet to purchase a subscription, but please be aware that this option will obviously only be available whilst stocks last.

As always, we hope you enjoy the issue – and no doubt it’ll prove a discussion topic at our monthly meetup tomorrow. With computer glitches here in LR Towers now a thing of the past, we also hope you enjoy some of the posts we’ve got coming this month. We look forward to seeing you in the comments…

John Bull
November, 2015

Written by John Bull
John Bull is the Editor of London Reconnections. A transport journalist and historian, his writing often focuses on the political or strategic challenges facing London's transport network and beyond.