Christmas Quiz: Winners and Runners Up


The numbers are in, and as with last year it was incredibly close. Unfortunately, however, there can only be a few winners, and so without further ado these are below. I will be contacting all winners shortly to confirm they won and to find out where they want their prizes sent to.

First Prize: Seb B

Congratulations to Seb B, who takes home the result of the annual raid on both mine and Mwmbwls’ bookshelves. This year that equates to a copy of the truly excellent London’s Local Railways by Alan A. Jackson, and one of my favourite books of all time, Tiles of the Unexpected by Doug Rose.

Second Prize: Phil D & David P (combined entry)

Less glamorous perhaps, but probably more useful, Phil and David will be getting a selection of DLR and Overground items kindly donated to the cause by TfL. This includes notepads, some rather swanky DLR wallets and a number of other items that will cause those how see them to swoon with envy.

Third Prize: Chris C

A valiant attempt to retain his crown as Quiz champion, Chris C was just pipped at the post this year. Chris will be getting a rather classy (and surprisingly heavy) DLR pen and also a truly unique prize that will have his friends and relatives green with envy the moment they set foot in his kitchen – yes, I’m talking about a full set of TBM cutterhead fridge magnets, courtesy of Herrenknecht. Ladies and Gentlemen, I can assure you that you will not find those in IKEA, no matter how hard you look.

Once again, thanks to everybody who entered. We hope you enjoyed answering the questions as much as we enjoyed writing them – and start brushing up on your obscure London railways, because I already know what the next Mystery Line is going to be…

Written by John Bull